reliable zlp630 painting steel suspended working platform for building construction

Reliable ZLP630 Painting Steel Suspended Working Platform For Building Construction

Reliable ZLP630 steel suspended platform for building construction

ZLP series suspended platform belongs to electrical-driven climbing and decorating machinery, mainly used to decorating,maintaining and cleaning the facade of high-level buildings and exterior construction such as cement coating,veneering,painting,installing the glass curtain walls,painting as well as cleaning and Maintenance. Also can be applied to operating of big vessels and bridges,dams,etc.

Applying this product can release scaffold free, reduce the construction cost and the efficiency will be greatly increased, meanwhile the production is simple, flexible, easy to operate, safe and reliable.

Model No. ZLP630
Rated load630 kg
Lifting speed9.6 mm / min
Motor power1.5 kw x 2 pcs
Voltage110 / 220 / 380 v
Rated stretch of front beam1500 mm
Diamater of steel wire rope8.3 mm
Max working height300 m
Surface treatmemtpainting

ZLP suspended platform drawing